Thursday, September 1, 2011

QUESTION: My 3 year old brother keeps hitting me.

I'm having problems with my brother.  I'm 8 and he's 3.  He's always hitting me and it really hurts.  My mom says he's a baby and he doesn't know any better.  My friend has a sister that's 3 too and she doesn't hit her.  How can I get my mom to make him stop?  I think she must love him more because she lets him hit me.

ANSWER:  You really need to talk to your mom and tell her how you feel.  She needs to know you're getting hurt and how you really feel about it.  Tell your mom to tell him that hitting is not nice and he needs to stop doing it.  If he doesn't stop your mom needs to put him in time out so he will learn not to hit.  I hope that your mom listens to you and really understands how you feel.

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