Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Question from the Aunt of a 12 year old girl.

QUESTION:  Hi Alyssa, I have a 12 year old niece who does things/ chores super slow... She actually stays in the shower for almost an hour. Sometimes she can't finish her homework because she doesn't have enough time...
I actually refrain from helping her to do her task because I want her to learn how to be independent. What other ways can I do to help her or what ways can I do to change her attitude?
ANSWER:  If she’s too slow, I would have a timer to show her long it really is taking her to do something.  If she wants to do something fun, you could tell her to do her homework first and then let her earn time, like 15 minutes to do something fun.  Each day she does better, keep adding time so she’ll have the time to do things that she wants. 
If she doesn’t do chores in the right amount of time, you should take something away from her.  You could also get workbooks for her to do.  She would also have to do the work in there before earning time for fun.  That way she gets time taken away from things that she wants to do so she may start doing what you ask her to do. If she does good, she can earn time.  If she doesn’t she gets things taken away and loses time from the fun things that she wants to do.
Thanks for writing to me!  I hope this helps!!

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