Friday, September 2, 2011

QUESTION: From a mom of a 7 year old girl.

Yesterday I got to school late to pick up my daughter.  There was an accident on the road that held me up.  I called the school but no one told her.  She was in the office crying when I got there.  Now she's afraid it will happen again.  I keep telling her that it won't, but she's still afraid.  She's in the second grade.

ANSWER:  You shouldn't tell her it won't happen again because it may.  Then she'll think you lied to her and she won't trust you.  Explain the emergency list that the school has and someone will always be there for her. Tell her who's on the list and who the school will call. Tell her the school has an after care program and some of her friends might be there and a teacher she knows may be watching the kids. (In my school the teacher plays games with the kids!)  If not, she'll still be safe in the school. Tell her to keep a favorite book in her back pack and if she doesn't feel like reading she can start her homework while she waits.  You should probably keep lined paper in her backpack with a pencil and eraser in case she needs it for her homework.  Tell her to put a little notebook in her backpack too in case she wants to write something. Also keep a little extra snack in her lunch box in case she's hungry and if the teacher will let her eat. In my school, someone that works there brings a cart with snacks on it.  Check with your school to see if they do that too. If she knows all the plans she'll feel safer. I hope your daughter understands.

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