Sunday, September 11, 2011

Question from a 3rd grader about being smarter than her friend.

QUESTION:  I’m in 3rd grade and I’m really smart.  I’m not saying it to sound like a bragger but because it’s part of my problem.  I really love school, love to learn and love to read.  My problem is that my best friend isn’t smart.  I don’t care about that at all but now she’s saying things like, “I’ll never be as smart like you” and “You always have the answers.”  She’s not saying it in a mean way but she sounds a little sad about it.  I’m thinking about trying to be different and maybe not getting good grades now.  I don’t want to lose my best friend!
ANSWER:  You shouldn’t try not to get good grades anymore!  Some people are just smart and some people may not be as smart.  Tell her it’s OK to be who you are.    Everyone is different but is always special. Everyone is special for who they are.  Just be yourself!

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