Monday, September 19, 2011

Question from a 6 year old who lied to her mom.

QUESTION:  I lied to my mom.  I was jumping on my bed and I wasn’t supposed to. I knocked something off of my nightstand and broke it.  I told my sister who is older and is 11. She is writing this for me because I’m afraid to tell my mom the truth.  I already told mom that I thought the cat did it.  I feel bad for lying but I didn’t want to get in trouble. My sister found you on American Girl and she said to ask you.  I’m 6.

ANSWER:  First of all, you shouldn’t lie.  You should have told the truth because since you lied now you’ll get in more trouble.  If you told the truth you would have only been in trouble for a few minutes to a couple of days.  Now you’ll probably be in trouble for longer and might get grounded. It’s important to always tell the truth no matter what! Good luck!


  1. Do you love your cat?

    If the cat gets blamed for stuff which is not the cat's fault, what are the odds your parents may decide to get rid of the cat?

  2. You're right Alister! The cat could have been in trouble for other things and now it would be in more trouble. She probably didn't think of that. The poor cat.