Friday, October 7, 2011


QUESTION: I’m 6 and I have red hair.  My dad has red hair so my mom says that I match him.  My problem is that I don’t think that I like it anymore.  There is no one else in my whole class that has red hair and some of the kids tease me about it. Yesterday one boy said I look like a carrot.  I cried at school and my teacher yelled at the boy who said it.  I’m glad that he got in trouble. I want to wear hats to school but we have uniforms so I can’t.  How can I hide my hair?

ANSWER: First of all, don’t hide your hair! Everyone is beautiful for who they are even if people say you’re not. I actually think that you’re lucky to have red hair. 
Sometimes I want red hair because not many people have it and it looks exotic.
When you look in the mirror you should think that you are more than who you are (like how special you are and lucky to have what most people don’t have.)
I understand why you would cry because he was rude but you should just ignore him!

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