Wednesday, October 26, 2011


QUESTION:  Hi Alyssa.  I’m in Kindergarten and everyday my mom and I read your questions.  I’m learning to read so I get to read the words that I know. I got in trouble in school today because I laughed at the boy next to me when he put popcorn in his nose. It was really funny and when my teacher said to stop laughing I had a hard time stopping. My teacher moved my fish to red water.  I never had red before so I started crying. I’m so afraid that my teacher will stay mad at me forever because I was on red. Because we read what you write everyday my mom thought it would be good to ask you if you were ever on red and if you were, what did you do?

ANSWER:  I was never on red but I was on yellow once in Kindergarten and once in second grade. I felt very sad too. Your teacher will definitely not stay mad at you because even in second grade there were a lot of people that went on red and the teacher never stayed mad. Teachers are used to that.
I can understand why you laughed because I would laugh too. Don’t worry because your teacher won’t stay mad!
Thanks for reading every day!

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