Wednesday, October 19, 2011


QUESTION:  Hi Alyssa, I’m 9 and in 4th grade. I like reading the answers that you write to kids.  They’re really good!  My problem is my mom wants me to be in everything and I mean everything! I go to drama, singing lessons, dance classes and gymnastics.  I only have off on Friday and Sunday.  I think most of the classes are OK but I absolutely love gymnastics.  I’d rather just come home some days and do nothing.  I know that she pays a lot of money for my classes because she says that.  I appreciate it but I really only want to go to gymnastics.  What do you think I should say to my mom?  I don’t want to hurt her feelings. My sister is 14 and is writing this for me.  She said I should just go to all the classes but I don’t want to anymore.

ANSWER: I’d tell my mom that the only class you really like is gymnastics. Tell her that you appreciate everything that she does for you and all of the money she pays.  Tell her that you kind of like the other classes but it takes up too much of your time.  You shouldn’t have to take so many things if you don’t like to. I know some moms are really good listeners and some moms aren’t as good listeners. I hope your mom listens to you when you talk to her. Tell her it's important.


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  2. I believe in the saying “mother knows best” but there are some exceptions to that. We should let our daughters achieve their dreams, not our dreams. Gymnastics is fun and she should tell her mom that she really like gymnastics.

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