Monday, October 17, 2011


QUESTION: I’m 7.  My best friend moved at the beginning of the summer. We were friends from when we were babies so she’s always been with me. We lived on the same street and we played every day of our life. I’m really missing her so much and feel sad about her not being here anymore.  Do you have any ideas on things that I could do to feel happier?

ANSWER: You could try to make a new best friend that lives closer.  At school you might find a friend that you like a lot.  Spend time with them at recess and sit with them at lunch and talk to them. You could join any after school group or any group anywhere and meet some friends there too because that would be fun.
You can still send your best friend letters and pictures so you can keep in touch with her. That’s important because she’ll always be special to you!


  1. You can also get a webcam and talk to her on the computer. My God daughters moved away to Florida and I was devastated. Now with webcam I feel like I see them everyday.

  2. That's a really great idea! Thanks for telling me that. I know that will help her too! :)